How it works

It’s simple; it’s easy; it’s quick and best of all, it’s all automated and online.

Contact the Restaurant Cart team today for your live demo and to have it integrated into your website !

  • Customers go to your website and Click on Online ordering
  • Customers order at their own pace from your full menu.
  • They place an order specifying details or options that you allow.
  • The order gets printed in your restaurant and money gets transfered into your account
  • You fill the order!



  • 24x7 Online shop
    Customers can schedule or place orders anytime of the day or night, from anywhere in the world. Income goes straight to your bank account with no commissions.
  • No ‘Tech’ worries
    It involves no installations, no complex systems and no technical knowledge.
  • Easy to use
    Integrate in to your website and customize it to suit your purposes.
  • Profitable
    Extremely cost effective and your selling process is automated. Pay only for the initial set up of the software which means an ever increasing roi.
  • Pre-Planned
    Open in the morning for business with your orders are printed, paid for in the bank and overnight booking enquiries printed out.
  • Reduced cost
    Star transcating with customers online through restaurant cart for a fraction of your product cost per sale.
  • Touch-base with customer
    Use Email newsletters and Email marketing deals to connect with your existing and potential new customers.
  • Advertise your own deals
    Not only is it cheaper than the traditional mediums, you’are more likely to get noticed in your customers’ inbox.
  • Sell your wares by yourself
    Avoid your customer getting a peek at your competitors’s as in case of websites taking orders for you.